How Health Insurance Companies Gamble With Your Life - 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

Health insurance companies are supposed to help us by supplementing the amount of money that we have to pay when we go to the doctor or have a medical emergency. But if you've ever dealt with a medical insurance company, you know that sometimes they can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket which can cause many other health problems. Here are some ways to protect yourself against your insurance company when you feel like they are taking advantage of you.

Lack of Medical Coverage

Medical insurance is great in many cases, but it can also limit the amount of coverage that you can receive under your particular policy. Some insurance policies will only cover emergency situations and not preventative care. As a result, you could be sacrificing your health because you can't afford to visit the doctor for regular checkups and other problems. By the time you can use your insurance coverage, it could be too late.

To protect yourself from this happening unexpectedly, you should know what your policy says about the coverage you have as soon as you sign up for it. You don't want to find out that you aren't covered for something when you really need it. If you think you are going to need other types of coverage, contact your insurance agent to see if you can purchase additional coverage. It is usually more affordable to add coverage to an existing policy than to purchase it separately.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Currently, most health insurance plans require extra payments from clients who have pre-existing conditions. These are illnesses or conditions that a person has before they sign up for medical insurance. In some cases, medical insurance companies can even deny coverage to you if you already have a condition that could lead to costly bills in the short term and the long term. And if the insurance company deems your current problem as something that stems from a previous condition that occurred when you were uninsured, they could send you a bill for any coverage that they provided for certain procedures.

With the new regulations in the Affordable Health Care Act, insurance companies will not be allowed to deny coverage to you based on a preexisting condition. Ask your insurance agent about this so you can be sure you are protected from insurance companies gambling with your life.

High Cost

Unless your employer offers medical insurance, you probably can't afford to pay for most health insurance plans. And even if you can, there are extra costs like co-pays, prescriptions and more. Insurance companies charge a lot more for individual and family policies than they do for group plans like the ones that your employer offers.

If you can't afford to purchase an insurance policy, there are options for you. For one thing, you can lead a healthier lifestyle to protect yourself from medical insurance companies and the way they gamble with your life. You can also find affordable policies that cover you for catastrophic events, including emergency room visits and more. Check with an agent today to see what your options are.

Article Source: Christine Mattice

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